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Trochlear nerve
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Human brain nerve is a part of human brain that works just like the internet of the body. Its function is to delivers information from all over the body to be processed in the brain as well as storing memories, determine personalities, arranging way of speech, and determine emotion for human. This nervous system is so important that if it should be disturbed, the effects will be very severe for the subject. Brain nerve are always working nonstop 24 – 7 with or without being realized by us. For example, our heart pumps automatically 24-7 without instruction from our consciousness.

Human brain nerve function with consciousness

Human brain nerve, as I told you above, works just like the internet for the body. It sends and receives any information from all over the body to be processed in the brain and then the brain will determine the reaction of that information and the nerve will send the information regarding the reaction to the part that send the information in the first place. For example, if your hands touch something hot, the nerve in your hand will send information to your brain to be processed and the brain will send the reaction to your hand and you will immediately let the hot thingy go.

Human brain nerve function without consciousness

The organs of our body don’t work on its own. It’s being controlled by superior organ called the brain and it works without our consciousness. The processes are continuously continued until the day we die or until one of our organs fails. To be able to do all those work, the brain nerve expands from brain to the spine all the way down and make branches that reach every single organ exist in the body. To be able to work safely, the nerves are being protected by a special fluid called cerebrospinal fluid inside the skull and the spinal cord. That’s how the human brain nerve work.

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