Importance Of Right Kidney Anatomy

Clinically Oriented Anatomy of Retroperitoneum Kidneys
Clinically Oriented Anatomy of Retroperitoneum Kidneys from Importance of Right Kidney Anatomy

Kidney is the most important body organ which is divided into right kidney anatomy and left kidney anatomy. Although both of the right and the left are kidney, the function and the location differs one another. The general kidney function is to filter the blood and subtract the unnecessary substance like water and other material to be delivered to the bladder where the urinate system exist. They also contribute to determine blood pressure by balancing the water and salt content in the blood where the excess waste is filtered and excrete. We will more focus on the right anatomy for now.

Function of right kidney anatomy

The right kidney anatomy is different with the left one. It is located slightly below the left’s position and work in conjunction with the liver. The function of the right kidney is to assist the liver to produce red blood cells and to filter ammoniac substance on the blood and delivered it to the urinate system. It also keeps the water level in the body balanced. If there is an excessiveness of water inside the body, it will filter it down and excrete the excessive water into urinate systems. It also produce hormone called erythropoietin to stimulate the bone marrow to produce more oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

Right kidney anatomy failure’s result

The failure of this organ lead to the loss of blood filtering capabilities that allows unfiltered blood being distribute all over the body, poisoning organs and then if not treated immediately the subject will be dead in short amount of time. The liver assistance to the liver also weakened or even gone so the production of red blood cells are not the way it should be and it can lead to other diseases. The treatment of this kind of failure is to filter the blood through a certain machine that imitates the function of right kidney frequently, or to do an operation to change your kidney with the one you get from donor and it will be very costly. That’s why right kidney anatomy is very important.

Anatomy of the Kidneys and Renal Blood Vessels
Anatomy of the Kidneys and Renal Blood Vessels from Importance of Right Kidney Anatomy

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