Concerning Human Foot Anatomy

Ankle Bones Anatomy Human Anatomy Diagram
Ankle Bones Anatomy Human Anatomy Diagram from Concerning Human Foot Anatomy

Human foot anatomy looks so simple from the outside, but in fact there are lots more than meets the eye to its simplicity that lies beneath the skin. This part of leg is the one we always been using as our means to be able to stand. The anatomy of this part of leg is similar to the one on the hand, but with larger and different proportions and purposes. While the hand’s function is supposed to be able to grip something, the foot’s function is to be the base of human’s ability to stand up using two hind legs.

Human foot anatomy and structure

The human foot anatomy structure includes the five metatarsal bones, and the toes. The first metatarsal bone (the thumb) is the shortest, thickest and plays an important role during propulsion (forward movement). The second to fourth metatarsal bone are the most stable of the metatarsals because they are well protected and have only minor tendon attachments and are not subjected to strong pulling forces while the first that have many tendons and muscle attached are the main guy to do the hard work. The fifth one is the tiniest metatarsal bone among the five and it has the fewest tendon attachments and because of that, the function of this part is only to support its four brothers.

Human foot anatomy and its secrets

Human foot always looks so strong on the outside and so simple. But the truth is, there are many secrets of the foot inside the skin, especially on the heel part of foot. There is acupuncture points spread in all over the insides of foot heel that its placements resemble organs inside the actual upper body. For example, the placement of the acupressure point for the head is in the finger toes. Beneath the toes, there are acupressure points for the heart and lungs and so on. The acupressure placement on the foot is reversed from the actual body organ arrangement, for example, the heart’s acupressure point placed in the right foot instead of the left. That’s the secret of human foot anatomy.

Ankle And Foot Diagram
Ankle And Foot Diagram from Concerning Human Foot Anatomy

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