Basic Human Body System

Human Organs And Their Functions Mykrisndtkp
Human Organs And Their Functions Mykrisndtkp from Basic Human Body System

Human body system is the most complex system that the human ever encounter. Body system is a collection of many systems in the body that works as unison in order to keep the human going on. There are three examples of organ system that works in unison; the respiratory system, digestive system, and circulatory system. The respiratory organs are the pharynx, larynx, bronchus, alveoli, and the lungs. Even though alveoli are placed inside the lungs, it’s a different organ compared to lung itself. The basic function of this system is to allow human to be able to breathe in and out.

Digestive system in human body system

Digestive system is one of the most important inside human body systems. Digestive system consists of several organs that works in sequence depend on which one is active and inactive. The digestive system starts with the mouth as the frontline for crushing the food before enters the stomach via esophagus for an advance digestion by stomach acid. After being digested chemically, the food enters the small intestines where the nutrition and other useful substances being absorbed and transported to the vein. The excess of the food that are not useful anymore is then delivered to big intestines where the water and slat substances being absorbed.

Circulatory system in human body system

Circulatory system is the body’s transport system. It is made up of a group of organs that transport blood throughout the body. The heart pumps the blood and the arteries and veins transport it. Oxygen-rich blood leaves the left side of the heart and enters the biggest artery, called the aorta. The aorta branches into smaller arteries which branch into even smaller vessels that travel all over the body. When blood enters the smallest blood vessels called capillaries it gives nutrients and oxygen to the cells and takes in carbon dioxide, water, and waste. The blood, which no longer contains oxygen and nutrients, then goes back to the heart through veins called vena to be transported back to the lung to continue the cycle. That’s why human body system are considered the most complex system there is.

Various Systems In Human Body
Various Systems In Human Body from Basic Human Body System

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